• “The Future of Globalization”

    Theme of WEC 2022

  • Competitive Format

    Each competitive event consists of three modules



    Multiple choice questions about the economics theory to test students' accumulated business knowledge and literacy in the past.

    Deep Comprehension


    Material-based questions about economics practice to test students' on-site learning and comprehension abilities.

    Thinking and Innovation


    Take an economic perspective to see non-economic problems and apply economics knowledge to solve real and critical problems.

  • Schedule of WEC 2022

    National Preliminary Round: 24-25 July, 2022

    International Round: 11-12 September, 2022


    Deadline for Registration: 5 July, 2022

  • How to participate

    • Make sure that your organization can hold an appropriate selection process and support the team
    • Form a team of  no more than 6 contestants
    • Appoint a coordinator
    • Sign up the Organization Registration
    • Wait for the decision of the Executive Board and for the invitation
  • Awards at WEC

    National teams compete in a team of six to get both individual and team awards

    Awards for Individual Contestants


    Gold, Silver, Bronze medals will be awarded to a certain percentage of contestants based on their aggregated scores on "Fundamentals" (individual score), "Deep Comprehension" (individual score) and "Thinking and Innovation" (team score). The percentages will be justified by WEC jury committee based on the distribution of actual test scores.


    The names of global top 10 individual scorers on "Fundamentals" and "Deep Comprehension" will be announced as well and the winners will receive special certificates on these two modules.



    Awards for National Teams


    Gold, Silver, Bronze trophies will be awarded to the global top 3 national teams based on their team average of individual aggregated scores.


    The names of global top 3 national teams on "Thinking and Innovation" will be announced as well and the winning teams will receive special certificates on this module.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can participate?

    The WEC is open to all high school students around the world. The competition is designed to challenge, so will not be easy. Students should see it as an opportunity to develop their thinking and problem solving skills, and to test their existing knowledge of economics in real-world situations.

    Do I need to pay money?

    Participation in WEC is free of charge.

    Can I register as an individual student?

    If you would like to take part in the WEC, you must let your school or organization know so that they can register on your behalf. We can’t accept registrations from students directly.

    Do I need to have the names of my students ready before I register?

    No, we will ask for the complete list later. All you need in order to register is the basic information about your school/organization.

    What academic support will students get?

    Students will get question samples and learning materials after registration to prepare for the competition.

    If I didn't study economics in school, can I compete?

    Yes. Taking an economics course is not a prerequisite for attending the WEC. We advocate that the competition is fair to all the levels of students. Whether you have taken an economics course or not has no certain effect on your performance. WEC values your ability of thinking, understanding and application. In the test questions of the competition, WEC will give as much relevant background and theoretical knowledge as possible. Students can complete the questions with the knowledge and information given in the test paper.

    Is the scope of the test all in the reference materials?

    No. The scope of the test does not have much to do with the scope of the reference material. Furthermore, most of the knowledge in the test paper is not available in the reference materials. Please note that the WEC is a test of thinking and problem-solving, rather than a test of knowledge and memory. However, the reference materials will help you to understand the subject, and be familiar with the thinking mode and basic theories, which will enable you to understand the new knowledge faster and better in the competition.

    How do students prepare for the competition?

    You don't need to spend too much time preparing for the competition and feel stressed. According to your interest, do your best to take some time to look at the learning materials and reference books, enjoy the fun of learning and thinking, cultivate the sense of reading and learning, and let yourself enter a state of immersion. In the competition, you will fully learn new knowledge and release your thinking.