Annual economics competition for global talented students

    World Economics Cup (WEC) is an international education initiative and platform

    for the high school students who are interested in economics.


    WEC aims to identify, inspire, empower and support the next generation of leaders in the economics field and to develop their international network.

  • Our Mission & Goals

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    To enrich the teaching and learning of economics for all students and promote excellence in the field of economics.

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    To identify and recognize the talented students and stimulate their interest in economics

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    To bring together exceptionally talented students from around the world and to have them share economics learning and cultural experiences.

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    To set new standards in the education and assessment of highly gifted economics students.

  • The Philosophies of WEC

    Economics for Future

    The WEC not only lets students pay attention to what happened in the past and the corresponding traditional economics theory, but also encourages students to think about the emerging issues and development of economics in the present and future.


    In addition to the traditional classical economic theory, the competition also includes the most cutting-edge economics research and theoretical achievements.

    Pure Economics Competition

    WEC is a pure economics competition, consisting of multiple-choice questions about basic economics concepts, material-based questions based on on-site economics learning, and Thinking and Innovation to demonstrate students' innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities to real-world problems.

    Problem-Solving by Economics

    In addition to solving economics problems, students are encouraged to think about how to use economics to solve global problems.


    The economists' mind and "economics thinking" will be widely used. Such issues as global warming, the development of artificial intelligence, trade conflicts and so on will become the subject of WEC. WEC invites future economists to think about solutions.

    Opportunity Equality for Every Student

    There are the concepts of "equal result" and "equal opportunity" in economics. WEC adheres to the principle of equal opportunity for every student and is committed to avoiding students' background, education level, economics fundamentals and other factors affecting the opportunities to participate in and compete in WEC.


    WEC values students' thinking mode and problem-solving ability, and provides enough academic guidance and background knowledge in the competition, rather than testing on students' previous learning and knowledge from economics courses in schools.

  • Participating Countries

    United efforts across continents in pursuing innovative education in economics

    (in alphabetical order)

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    North America & South America